Earn While You Learn Curriculum

What is Earn While You Learn? This program (E.W.Y.L.) is designed to help you expand your knowledge of pregnancy and parenting issues. Classes take between 10 to 45 minutes and are scheduled around you as an individual. To start Earn While You Learn, You make an appointment to meet with your counselor one-on-on. If you keep that appointment you earn $5.00 of Mommy Money. You and your counselor then go over that weeks lesson, which could be reading or watching a video and filling out a worksheet. For participating in the class you earn $10.00 of Mommy Money. Your counselor will then give you a homework sheet to take home and finish. If you return your completed homework you earn $5.00 of Mommy Money. This makes each Earn While You Learn Class worth a total of $20.00 Mommy Dollars. You can then use your Mommy Money to shop in the Boutique or save it for a future purchase.

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