Crisis Pregnancy Center

Serving the Tri-Counties ~ Stevens, Ferry & Pend Orielle
All of our services and programs are free and strictly confidential.

N.E.W. Family Life Services began in the minds and hearts of men and women who desired to make a difference in the lives of women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy. It has grown in it’s vision over the years and we ultimately hope to be able to provide whatever is necessary for a woman to carry her child to term and plan constructively for her future, and the future of her child.

Since the 1973 Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion on demand, almost every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy is faced with the option of abortion. Abortion claims 131,520 lives each month, 4,384 each day, 183 each hour, 3 each minute and 1 every 20 seconds.

N.E.W. Family Life Services is therefore, above all, a Christian ministry which demonstrates the love of Jesus Christ by offering help in the present, hope for the future, and healing from the past, to clients who seek our services.


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